Luke Hartman

Luke Hartman is a Sr. Executive with and behavioral care and higher education leadership experience. Luke is a dynamic mentor and speaker who brings with him a wide diversity of experience and expertise. His expertise is in behavioral healthcare, cultural intelligence, teacher preparation, leadership development, inclusion and empowerment.  He has taught Educational Psychology, Collaboration-Inclusion, Culture, and Poverty. Luke holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Virginia Tech; M.Ed. in Special Education Wichita State.

Academic and Professional Background

Education: Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Virginia Tech; M.Ed in Special Education, Wichita State University.  Expertise: behavioral healthcare, cultural intelligence, and inclusion, teacher preparation, leadership development, and empowerment.

Personal Profile

I was adopted into a religious Swiss-German family as a biracial child in a time of overt racial tension. I have learned how powerful culture, race, and one’s background predict patterns of behavior. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri and then raised in Carlsbad, NM. I lived in the Midwest as an adult and now reside on the East coast. Being able to teach K-12, university undergraduate and graduate students, and lecturing all over the world has prepared me well for sharing meaningful practical academics.

I love to spend time with my family, travel, and read non-fiction. I am an aspiring DJ and love keeping up with the world news of the day. I value relationships, collaboration, and service. I hope to continue to make a positive difference in our society.

Cultural Perspectives

The 21st century brings several challenges that call for expanded thinking and insightful solutions. I have committed my life to educating and empowering others to confront their own cultural understanding while improving practices to eliminate the “Us versus them” dichotomy. I believe each learner brings a valued and unique perspective that contributes to the learning experience and is imperative in order to have a complete quality learning experience. I have a passion to enhance inclusive practices by modeling culturally responsive behavior in all of my daily interactions. Creating space for diverse perspectives is key to tackling the challenges of today.




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