The Public Square Academy builds and operates interactive educational programs empowering citizens to engage in civic and consumer issues. PSA is a modern civics education and service club for today’s fast-paced, tech-enabled world. We are lifelong learners who work in learning teams for self-improvement and for the common good. As such, we work as peers and collaborators, sharing our talents and ideas in the PSA community. We then share the products of our discussions and projects publicly through our communication channels.


If you have expertise to share, consider developing your program as a program designer. We offer turnkey support for subject matter experts, teachers, and authors who support our mission.


If you have an inner coach, are good at relationship-building, are organized and responsive, and know your way about technology, consider becoming an Academy Mentor


If your organization is purpose-focused and you could use some help spreading your message, building your network, and increasing your impact, consider collaborating with the Academy. We work with Organizations to contract, operate, and promote interactive cloud-hosted classes, workshops, and forums as your training, education, and community partner. Contact us to discuss and develop your project.

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