We focus on problem solving and storytelling. Our programs are relationship-based: we emphasize group learning, active mentoring, and collaborative activities and problem-solving. This is what makes learning effective and fun, and our programs a positive experience. Contact us to join the conversation:


We celebrate social success stories from all sectors and locations. Share a story with our community. Tell us about a success in your neck of the woods, or an interesting situation which could be instructive to others. We’ll share with our communities and may include your story in our programs or newsletter.


The Public Square Academy is a group of citizens who join together for personal growth and to drive change in their communities and in society at large. We invite you to submit problems and challenges for our members to address. We’ll pose the the most interesting, rewarding, and/or delightful opportunities, then make a friendly competition out of coming up with the best solutions or ideas. Please submit your challenge, including your name and email, and we’ll get back to you with ideas for solutions.


We offer classes, workshops, and forums. What topics, subjects, or skills would like to like to learn more about? What programs do you think the world could benefit from? Add a discussion about what problems the program might address, or values and skills the world needs to learn.

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