Craft Your Personal Platform

Save Thanksgiving Dinners! Assess your values, examine political issues, review your ideas with strangers, and develop your personal political platform. 

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Craft Your Personal Platform guides you through a series of personal and group activities as you dig down to define your values, explore and develop your positions on the issues of the day and craft your personal platform.

Course Objectives:

  • You will explore your personal values, defining and clarifying their sources and importance in your life.
  • Discuss and explore the values of others, helping you develop empathy and respect for divergent views.
  • Evaluate a variety of current topics in light of these values, and formulate positions on these topics.
  • Craft a political platform which you can use in evaluating ballot positions and candidates.
  • Become more respectful, conversant, and persuasive in conversations around these values and topics
  • What the heck, maybe even run for an office yourself!

This is a serious course playfully designed to develop mutual respect, defuse political tensions, and save family Thanksgiving dinners.


This is a small group program designed to run for one month, with weekly video conference meetings.

Please sign up on the waiting list and we will contact you when enough students enroll.

Mentors: Michael Freedman

Program Designer(s): Michael Freedman

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