Health Chops

Learn to navigate the health care system, make better health care coverage choices while not going broke.

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Health Chops. We have the most expensive health care system in the world.  It’s a fine system if you are an R&D firm needing lots of revenue to keep ahead of the competition, but not so good if you are young, unemployed, or a contingent worker. The conventional debate is between a single payer system and a free market system.  Wouldn’t a free market system be driven by customer choice? Well, what if health-care were customer-focused? Wouldn’t you be able to research and select health care providers and procedures based on price and quality information? Try calling around for a quote, search for performance rankings of oncologists, call three internists and ask form an interview before you make a hiring decision. Taking a class in health care is not going to solve that problem, but educated voters just might. Live longer - let us help you beef up your Health Chops!

In this program, participants will:

  • Learn about health care Basics
  • Evaluate health care Models from a citizen's perspective
  • Learn to Choose a health care plan
  • Learn to navigate health care billing
  • Explore health care financing

This is a serious course playfully designed for your empowerment, health and financial sanity.


This is a small group program designed to run for one month, with weekly video conference meetings.

Please sign up on the waiting list and we will contact you when enough students enroll.

Mentors: Michael Freedman

Program Designer(s): Michael Freedman

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