Know Your County Government


Learn about county government structure and operations to become a more informed and effective citizen.


 “We are governed only as well as we are informed voters and active participants in civic affairs.”

                                                                                                                            Herbert Marx

Too many potholes in your county roads?  Concerned new zoning requests will ruin the rural environment of your county? Want stronger law enforcement?  You can do something about these problems!  Learn how county organizations operate.

County governments affect our lives daily through the provision of services, restrictions on behavior, and the implementation of responsibilities.  The primary purpose of this course is to encourage learners to become familiar with county governments and how they function.  The goal is to encourage civic-minded individuals to become engaged citizens and involved in local political processes.

Specifically, participants will learn:

Specifically, participants will learn:

  • why studying county government is important,
  • the history and legal status of counties,
  • how county governments organize,
  • the work of county governments,
  • where county revenues come from, and
  • how to become engaged citizens.



Students will spend a few hours per week studying, completing short assignments, and participating in mentored online discussions.

Students are encouraged to begin the course early by introducing themselves to their course-mates, completing a short preparatory assignment, and joining in per-class discussions.

Brochure – KYCG

Mentor: Becky Starnes, Ph.D.

Designer: Becky Starnes, Ph.D.

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