The Public Square Mentor Survey

Rationale for ThePublicSquare.net

The best long-term solution for sustaining a vibrant democracy is an educated and engaged populace.  Civics education in the young adult market has been declining, and there is no national model for adult, ‘lifelong learning‘ civic education. The Public Square (TPS) will fill this need by providing highly engaging programs for citizen lifelong learners.

The Public Square Business Model and Platform Description

The Public Square is a collection of education and communications tools and processes, fronted by a marketing program which will offer online and blended civic education programs, workshops, and topical forums. These programs will be built on commercial online tools, and will grow out to serve local markets. Revenue is derived from subscription and program fees, and shared between mentors, moderators, designers, and TPS.

The platform is an offering to teachers, subject matter experts (SME), and organizations. Programs, workshops, and forums are hosted on the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS provides the tools necessary to conduct discussions, deliver educational programs, and to host topical content.  A ‘live’ online program may be accessed here, enrollment in this “beta test” is free.

We are not tied to our own technology platform or to a single technological ecosystem (e.g. Google/Apple/Microsoft), freeing us let the needs of the programs dictate the choice of tools (and we avoid development costs – Amen ;-). Other elements of the toolkit include Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, Medium, and Social Media platforms.

The offer to our platform customers (teachers, organizations, and SMEs) is for a high end, tightly integrated set of tools and services designed to maximize success while minimizing overhead responsibilities and costs. We provide a turn-key environment to our platform customers: program design, delivery, and support; collaborative content marketing programs; editorial, publishing, and trademarking services; payment processing and financial reporting.

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