The Public Square Academy is a non-partisan education organization operating a platform of services and programs which helps individuals and organizations improve our general welfare by raising the level of public dialog, participation, and effectiveness.


The Public Square Academy uses education and communications programs to educate, empower, and engage individuals and organizations. We work to increase understanding and trust between individuals, organizations, and institutions; to raise the caliber of public dialogue and participation. We educate and support independent mentors with our platform of services. These programs are developed and delivered to individuals and organizations as learning communities using online and in-person delivery.


  • Lifelong learners who desire to improve their lives and the lives of their communities.
  • Organizations (public, private, and not-for-profit) that share our vision, mission, and values.
  • Leaders, teachers, program designers, and mentors, who share our organizational values and who wish to offer their knowledge and experience through The Academy.


We promote enlightenment values as foundational for a healthy democracy: reason and law as the primary sources of authority; along with science, humanism, religious tolerance, liberty, freedom, and progress.

Growth Mindset

Education grows minds, builds hearts, and deepens perspectives. Education advances civilization. We serve to educate open-minded, independent thinkers with the faith that diverse opinions, diplomatically crafted, produce better outcomes for the greatest number.


Support those who would raise the level of individual responsibility, honest expression, transparent reporting, and scientifically verifiable evidence. Oppose those who would demean, suppress, mislead, or usurp the pursuit of truth, individual growth or empowerment. We keep our commitments; credibility is our currency.


Hard problems don’t have easy solutions; easy, dualistic solutions are crude and favor the few: creating unintended consequences and victims. We strive for balance in views and perspectives, recognizing that nuanced and finely crafted solutions reflect the intelligence of the community and serve the greatest number.


We work to increase compassion and community as necessary conditions for optimal solutions. “Civility means stepping up and owning responsibility for the feelings of others.”


Support opportunities for self-representation in government and the rights of the individual in commerce. Being able to matter in the world is necessary for personal and civic health and a full and realized life.


Support the creation of vibrant economic opportunities for the many. Advance social, civic, and economic participation. We value diversity and inclusion.

User Terms and Code of Conduct

In short, Behave Appropriately.

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